Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring is over...or has it just begun?

Easter is this Sunday, and I feel like Spring has already left. Yes, the weather is getting warmer, the grass is getting greener, and flowers are just starting to bloom. But spring football for 2011 is officially in the books.

The past 5 years, The Wife and I have gone to Fayetteville for the Spring Red & White Game. This year, we weren't able to go. It was just bad timing, and we were in between checks at the time and couldn't afford the gas there and back, plus meals and possibly a hotel. So we opted to stay home.

However, this year, the game was televised on ESPN. Coach Petrino said he divided the teams pretty evenly, but Tyler Wilson stole the show. Wilson was Mallett's predecessor last year and at times showed that he could take over the leadership role. When Mallett was knocked out of the Auburn game last year, Wilson stepped in and took control and nearly lead the Razorbacks to a miracle come back victory. But we all know the story... Late interceptions ended the game, and Auburn eventually went on to go undefeated and win the National Championship.

Now, Mallett is headed for the NFL to be a superstar. Tyler Wison was a shoe in for the starting quarterback position. Although nothing is set in stone, Petrino always has a game plan in mind. We’ll see what all happens before fall camp and eventually the start of College football in August.

Here is a video of Tyler Wilson’s performance in the Auburn game last year to give you a sneak peak of what is in store for the Razorbacks in 2011.

Woo Pig Sooie!!!

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