Friday, May 7, 2010

Videos from Spring Game

2010 Spring Red and White game

That's right friends! It was here before you knew it. The Arkansas Spring Red & White game. Jennifer and I went once again and had a blast as usual.

Here they come! Running through the "A" is an exciting part of the pre-game show.

There was actually a nice crowd today.

And the other side of the field. They esitmated 30,000 people! I thought was kind of a stretch but when I got up to get us a drink, I noticed that the lower and upper endzone charback seats were absolutely FULL!

...until the rain hit. The crowds started to thin out a little then.

Other than being rained on the second half of the game, it was a pretty fun day. WOO PIG SOOIE!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

February 5, 2010 update

So the 2010 Signing day has come and gone. Yet again, the SEC leads all other conferences at getting the most ESPNU 150 top recruits. The SEC led and ended up with eight Top 25 Classes. Unfortunately, Arkansas didn’t have a top 25 class. They were in the mid 30’s-40’s which isn’t impressive, until you understand what kind of players they recruited.

The coaches this year said the main focus was to recruit those position’s that needed to be filled right away and recruit players that could jump in and compete for a starting position. They needed defensive players for up front in the “trenches” and in the secondary. According to and, Arkansas had the number 3 top defensive class in the country…woah.

Let’s hope our defense improves drastically than last years. And with almost ALL of the big offensive players returning, there could possibly be a big BCS game next year for those Razorbacks. And a possibly Heisman candidate…Go Hogs!