Wednesday, October 31, 2012

On Leave... again

I know it's been a while since I last updated the blog. I'm not sure how much more time I will be able to devote to the blog. While I am still interested in Wet Shaving, my expertise is not anywhere near some of the others that have websites, blogs, youtube channels, and I don't have the time or money to devote to reviewing products or updating the blog. Not to mention I voluntarily got rid of my iPhone a while back to focus more of life, and thus, not able to update twitter or play with creating new blog post.

With being a foster parent, and having 2 infants in the house, my wife and I have our hands full at the moment. Not to mention working full time, family members is bad health, going to school part-time, up keeping the honey-do list, yard work/landscaping, detailing the vehicle, working to become financially peaceful (Yeah Dave Ramsey!) and never really having time to veg out or do anything for myself, I stay pretty busy.

So thank you to everyone who continues to follow the blog, even though nothing new has been posted. And if you're new or just now finding the blog for the first time let me welcome you! Feel free to look back at the previous post (although some are funny looking back at how much of a Newbie I was when I first started this blog. ha ha. It's like look at old yearbook photos. Sheesh!).

And finally, thanks to Mantic and the crew at Sharpologist! I noticed the number of views my page has gotten has really taken off as of lately. I wondered why, then I stumbled across this...

Scroll down to the bottom of the page at the blogroll. "I'd Rather Be..." is listed!

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Sunday, June 17, 2012


So the fam went to the lake yesterday. We had an awesome time and it was great to have everybody with us and enjoy some family memories.

However, I gotta give a shout out to my fellow internet friend, Brassbuff. While I was gone, brassbuff headed out to the range without me, but ended up spending a lot of time on the rifle range with some AR's. I figured y'all would enjoy. Check out his video at 

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

Product review: Taylor of Old Bond Street

Product review: Taylor of Old Bond Street

Taylor of Old Bond Street is one of those old school traditional men's grooming company's. Founded in 1854 in London, Taylor of Old Bond Street is one of those company's whos product do all of the talking. They are also known in the shaving world as one of the "3 T's". The 3 T's are the 3 big London shaving company's known as Geo F. Trumper, Taylor of Old Bond Street, and Truiffit and Hill. While their products are just as good as it's competitors, one of the best things about TOBS is the price, seeing as how they come in at about half as much as the others.
TOBS's products are high up on my list because they are some of the best shaving creams I've ever used. I've got a few of their creams and their lavender scent is exceptional.

TOBS comes in a hefty tub filled with 150 grams of cream. The screw top tub is wonderful for many reasons. It's simple. No fancy curves or graphic designs. Looks and feels big and hefty like a man's product. Also, the design of the screw top lid makes it great for not leaking all over your other products, and with it being air tight, there no chance of it drying out and getting old and sticky. And since it's in such a large tub, you get plenty of shaves with it and should be able to make it last for a long time.

Not only does it comes with a screw top lid, it also comes with a plastic air seal lid inside for added protection.
The cream itself DOES contain dye's, which I'm not a fan of. However, its very light. At least it's not neon purple or blazing bright.
The cream itself is rich and light. Almost fluffy, I would say. And the scent is wonderful. I wouldn't say it's faint, but I also wouldn't say that it's really strong. I think it's got a fair amount of scent to it, but not enough to knock you down or make you question if it's got a scent at all.

I would say it smells like...well...lavender! lol Not too sweet and floral. Think of the smell of saltwater taffy and you're getting close to the scent. It's great and has a wonderful smell that I find extremely relaxing.

Like the other TOBS creams I've used, it also has no problem with building a great lather. Whether you face, hand, or bowl lather with a badger brush, you'll always come out with a great slick and protective lather which helps against your razor blade dragging against your skin. You CAN use it without a brush, but we all know about the benefits of using a shaving brush, so just don't go there a'ight?!

I haven't tried the whole range of scents like I have with the Trumper's samples, but the few I have make it on par or better than those. And again, the best thing about TOBS products is the price! Coming in at around $12-16 a tub, it'll last you a LONG time. I would even venture to say that using it every day, you could probably get 6-8 months out of it ('s just a guess people). Unfortunately, I won't have the patience to try that theory out, seeing as I have other products that I enjoy encorporating into my rotation.

If Taylor of Old Bond Street looks so good that you just have to try it, hit up my man John over at West Coast Shaving and order you some! I got my tub for $14.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

I'll be back...

Just like Arnold Swarch...Schwartz... The Terminator said, "I'll be back", I plan on coming back and trying and attempting to start updating the blog again.

Life is filled with busyness, taking care of the lawn/landscaping/flowers, a new FOSTER baby, guns, etc... Life is awesome right now, but still busy.

Hopefully I'll be able to start back updating a little bit at a time. I'll see if I can get a good product review out in the next week or two. So stay tuned!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And the search begins...

While enjoying the success, we fans forget the big picture of things. Jeff Long was right in his actions by firing of Coach Bobby Petrino.

The Razorback nation is hurt...but we are not dead. Petrino was NOT Razorback football. We will once again find a coach who will bring us to the top, and this time with dignity and class. As for me?

I'm a true Razorback fan thru and thru.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Quick update

The sleeping giant has awoken...

Not really. I'm still on hiatis and I still don't have time to do much blogging. I've still got a lot of work to do, as far as cleaning up the blog, organizing, getting new posts ready, etc... And I'm still crazy busy with working full-time & taking 3 classes this semester. I don't have time to do much of anything other than work, homework, eat, and sleep. However, I figured a quick check in would be appropriate.

I do still ocassionaly tweet. You can follow me on Twitter, @BrandonWPS

I've also decided to keep the name of the blog... sorta. I feel it's been established for a while, and going out and changing it wouldn't be a good idea. I don't want to be "The New Coke". However, I don't want to be pinned down to one topic. So the title of the blog stays the same, but I'll leave it blank for the viewers to insert their own choice of hobby.

I've picked up another new hobby of sorts since late last year. It should bring more posts and help cut down on the monotonus of the same ole-same ole type of stuff. Should be interesting and fun to write about. Here's a clue...

Stay tuned for more shaving posts, fishing posts, and some occasional blogs on the new shooting hobby!

Happy Shav...fishi...shoo... Whatever