Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Anniversary & Movember

Mo = N. Slang for Mustache
November = 11th month in calender year
Movember. It's an annual month long event that involves growing a moustaches during the month of November. The Movember Foundation Charity is an annual event in November that encourages men to grow a mustache to raise awareness and money for men's health, most notably Testicular Cancer and Prostate Cancer. I heard about this last year right around the time I was interested and started researching about wetshaving.

Ahhh. Wetshaving. Funny. ...thinking about shaving use to be a chore and something I dreaded. Now, it's part of my morning routine that I continue to look forward to every morning. This month marks my 1 year anniversary since making "the switch". Overall, my shaving experience has been drastically changed. I went from complaining about razor burn and ingrown hairs nearly every day, to having only a few ingrown hairs over the last year. And, I honestly can't remember the last time I had razor rash. It's crazy to think that I used to grumble and complain about cartridge prices while I tossed a new $25 pack of replacement blades into my cart at Wal-Mart. While I'll admit, getting a new replacement DE blade for under 17 cents is an amazing way to save money, my AD (Acquisition Disorder) has caused me to spend much more on shaving supplies that I enjoy using. I guess that's the equivalent to a women buying clothes I guess. lol Anyways, I'm glad I made the switch. Little did I know that on that fateful day, when I googled how to get rid of shaving irritation, I would run across some quirky dude shaving on YouTube named Mantic59. My life, would never be the same. I remember I stayed up till nearly 3:00 in the morning that night. Watching his videos and learning so much. It was then that my life changed forever... or at least my shaving habits. And my mug is better for it! Thanks Mantic!

Back to Movember. I bring it up because I've decided to participate this year. I started clean shaven on November 1st and am growing my first "Mo". SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) isn't too happy with it, and I've been given grief about it from others since starting my Mo. It's even been called rather hateful names. i.e.-Molestache, Skankstache, etc... I don't care. It's for a good cause. While I don't have that many people who I think will participate by donating/giving money for men's health, I am bringing attention to myself and it's a great conversation starter to bring people aware of Men's health. I'm kind of dedicating it to my Grandpa, who is now in his 80's, and has been battling prostate cancer for around 10 years now. He's a great inspiration to me.
My Mo...
Happy Shaving!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Technical difficulties

Sorry folks... We're having technical difficulties (or technical stupidity. sheesh!) Back to the old blog url and name. No changes here. Thanks for understanding.

Should have more shaving related blogs in the future, and I may take a stab at my first shaving video! ...maybe. However, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays may delay this.

Happy Shaving!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Headin' to the game this weekend. Woo Pig Sooie!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Cartridge Shaving Part 3 - Final Thoughts

Now that I'm all clean and shaven from all those cartridge shaves, let's review shall we :) As Jerry Springer would say, these are my final thoughts.

While my overall impression with the cartridge razors was a good one, I'm not going to be switching over to them anytime soon. Sorry, don't get your hopes up. However, even though I had an overall good impression with them, I would like to point out a few things I have a problem with.

First is the outrageous prices for the cartridge blades. These companies are screwing over the consumers with their overpriced replacement blades. I remember reading somewhere that the mark up on these things are like 4000%! That is just wrong. Think about it... How much does it really cost to manufacture that little bitty piece of of plastic and metal. NOT MUCH. I understand that a company has to make a profit, but my word. Paying $20 or $30 for a replacement pack is absolutely ridiculous. PERIOD!

Another problem I have is the constant battle that these two companies have to "out-blade" each other. We started out with 1 blade. Then came the duo blade. Mach 3. Then the Quatro, etc... When will this end? Really? 5 and 6 blades is just overkill people. There is just no need for it. Think about it. 5 blades?! Comon! 1 blade should be sufficient enough.

I do believe that the lube strip is a pretty good idea. I have no problem with more hydration and protection. But how is it constructed on the razor again? First the little rubber fins pull the hair, then cut, then lube the face?

Isn't this backwards? As Larry the Cable Guy says, "It's like wipin' before your poop, it don't make sense!" By removing the fins, and putting the goo strip on the bottom of the razor, you wouldn't have a need for fins or a precision trimmer. Instead, you would have the lubrication strip first, then the blades. This seems like it would work much better to me. But hey, I don't make the razors.

I don't intend to sound mean or pessimistic. It's just my general observations of marketing failures.


Now, like I said in my reviews of the razors, I did enjoy the shave I got with both razors. Like I said earlier,

I won't be switching to cartridge blades anytime soon, but I think using them has now changed my mind on the fact that they are not evil anymore. In fact, with the proper hydration and preparation, they can give you a pretty darn good shave.

Going from a razor that has 1 blade to 5 was different. But, ultimately, a razor is a razor. Whether a cut-throat blade, Double Edge safety blade, cartridge, or sharp rock, all will cut and remove hair. Some prefer the traditional styles over the others, while some prefer the more modern day technology. That’s fine. “To each his own”, I say. People can argue over this all day. However, whatever gives you the most comfortable shave, I say stick with that. Me? I still plan on enjoying the nostalgia and the tradition of using a brush and DE razor. It's just my thing. However, I don't think cartridge razors are as bad as I had originally thought.

Happy Shaving!