Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's been a while

Woah... My last post was in May?! Outrageous! Eh, who cares. ha ha! Anyways, I'm not really sure how long or how often I'll be blogging, but I do have some ideas and some things I'd like to "jot" down. Don't really think anyone reads this other than my wife anyways.


The Arkansas Razorbacks went 10-2 this year in the regular season! The only losses were to then #1 Alabama and the current National Champion Auburn. We made it to the Sugar Bowl and almost had one of those miracle comeback victories, but ended up loosing in the final seconds of the game. (not really sure why I didn't blog any during football season. hm)

I took a big weekend fishing trip with "The Pfiefers". It was a bust, and I ended up not catching any fish. But we still had fun anyways! I don't have any pictures from the trip. :(

I've got a new hobby! Like I said earlier, I'll be blogging about it pretty soon. I've got lots of things to talk about and review! Here's a sneak peak!

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