Friday, January 28, 2011

Cyril R Salter Indian Sandalwood Shave Cream Review

I've got lots of pictures on this post!

A lot of the higher quality shaving products come from England or somewhere in the UK. Cyril R Salter is one of those brands. For as best as I can tell, London is the headquarters to some of the most popular and well established barber shops and shaving companies. Most of your better products will probably originate from London. We Americans have sold out to those big shaving companies... Look where that's got us... pitiful shaves.

Anywho, this shaving cream was a GREAT purchase. This fantastic cream lathers, hydrates, and performs just as well as the mighty "3T's" products and at half the price! The first thing you notice is the LARGE sturdy blue tub it comes in.

The cream itself is a velvety and rich cream. When you open the lid, you are immediately met by the wonderful aroma. The smell has a clean warm woodsy smell but with a little bit of a sweet note to it. Almost like a spicy cinnamon smell. Very masculine. There's no fru-fru girly scent about this one!

The tub looks nice beside my cup and brush huh?

To prepare for the lather, you need to soak your badger brush in some warm water for a minute or two to soften the bristles.

Simpson brush soaking...

Once thoroughly hydrated, shake out the excess water, but not all of it.

Give the brush a few good swirls in the cream. The cream is soft, so you wont have any problems loading the brush with the cream. I just gave it a good 2 or 3 swirls with light pressure.

Once you have the brush loaded with lots of hydrated cream, you can start to make your later.

For this demonstration I will use my hand so you can see the lather building stages. As you begin, you can see that the cream is very runny. This is only about 5 seconds of brushing. The lather is very "watery" and has lots of bubbles. Continue building lather...

After about 30 seconds, you will start to see the lather coming together. Below, is what I'm talking about, but it still looks a little weak. It's definitely not ready yet. It's still got that soft peak look. Continue building lather...

Now we're getting somewhere. See how the lather has started to whip up to a nice peak?

This wonderful stuff has a wonderful aroma and a very soft, slick, and thick feeling. The shaving cream is well hydrated and protected my skin from the razor with ease. No nicks or cuts with this stuff!

Cyril R Salter shaving cream is a wonderful product. It was a pretty good price too! I got mine for around $15 at To those who haven't use a quality shaving cream, that might sound pretty steep. However, compared to those mass marketed shaving gels in a can, this shave cream will last me about 5-6 months of shaving. Does you shaving goop in a can last that long? Didn't think so...

Happy Shaving.

Stay tuned for more reviews!

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