Thursday, September 10, 2009

SEC dominates!!!

Other than being one of the biggest (no pun intended) Razorback fans around, I am secondly an SEC fan. I love that we (Arkansas) are in one of the, if not debatable, THE best college football conferences in Division IA football. I mean, think about it. Look at the teams we have!
As everyone knows, or should know, College football officially began it’s season last week. The first game to kick off the season was South Carolina’s win over North Caroline State on Thursday night. Then, as the weekend neared, I told SWMBO, “I’ll see you Sunday”. The reason being is that my weekend consisted of watching the Kentucky game, the Georgia game (which was disappointing. Or course, when you loose 3 star players like Matthew Stafford, Mohamed Massaquoi, and Knowshon Moreno, things aren’t looking all that good), the Tennessee game, the Razorback game on PPV, the last half of the Alabama game, and the LSU game that night. Yeah, I was home…but I wasn’t aware of much else. Haha!

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