Monday, September 21, 2009

Call those HOGS!

Sigh… What can I say? Probably nothing that hasn’t already been said. Wow! That quarterback is really something. Ryan Mallett has got so much talent and athleticism it’s not even funny. The hogs REALLY have a stellar offense this year!

On the other hand, the Arkansas defense just plain sucked. No other way of putting it. They gave up 52 points to a Georgia team who, up to this game, was struggling to find out what kind of team they were since they lost their star players from last year to the draft. Although, if you look at the other side of this, the Georgia defense gave up 41 points to an unranked and untested Arkansas team. The Razorbacks have a long road ahead of them. They have some tough road games coming up and if Coach Petrino and Robinson don’t figure out something, we’re gonna have another year like last year.

Now, with that said, although we lost the game, it was one heck-of-a game! There were big plays the whole night. The Hogs and Dawgs went back and forth all nice in a scoring shootout! That stadium was rockin let me tell ya! At multiple times during the game, the crowd got so loud, I could hardly hear myself scream myself! Even though we lost it was a great game! We have really improved from a year ago, but we still have a lot of things to work on.

The Wife and I had a great time at the game. Here are some photo’s from the game!

before the game

Yup, that's Erin Andrews

Band performing

running through the "A"

Calling those Hogs!

Packed Stadium

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