Thursday, December 1, 2011

Future Changes

Alright folks. While one of my passions is still fishing it seems the direct of this blog has made a shift.

While most of you know, my recent hobby of wetshaving seems to be the easiest and most enjoyable topic to write about. Thus, after the end of this year, I will be changing the title of the blog (not the url).

I've created a poll to provide some possible new titles. Please take a quick 30 seconds out of your day to cast your vote on your favorite title. Don't like the choices? Leave me a comment and I'll add another.

I've also got some ideas and future plans for the blog. Not sure how many people follow me or read this, but I'm hoping to have more production for the blog. I've got some ideas for posting more, creating tags for each entry, creating a shaving video(s) for my YouTube channel, possibly doing a giveaway, guest blogger posts, and some other fun ideas to increase productivity and traffic. I might also try and take down and remove some of the more personal blog entries and info for privacy.

Thanks for visiting! You can follow me on Twitter @BrandonWPS and be sure to leave a comment! Oh yeah, and don't forget to vote on the poll.

Happy Shaving!

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