Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Here lately

The Wife and I have had a pretty crazy last couple months. Nothing really new happened but we did a lot of traveling this year to more football games than I’ve ever been too! It sure was a LOT of fun. We ended up going to the Alabama vs. Florida International game, the Arkansas vs. Georgia game, the Arkansas vs. Eastern Michigan game, the Arkansas vs. Troy game, and the Arkansas vs. Mississippi State game! Sheesh, that’s a lot of traveling on the road!

The Hogs did as good as expected this year. They had a better season that last, had a LOT of improvement from last year, and came close to winning a couple of the games that they lost. They went 7-5 this year as compared to their 5-7 record last year. And if Ryan Mallet and all the talented players come back next year, who knows what will happen?! But they GOT to work on their defense! All in all, it was a pretty good year for Arkansas Football.

Other than traveling a lot, nothing much else has happened. We stayed home, enjoyed ourselves, went to Little Rock a couple times, and have been raking leaves and gumballs when we have the time.

That’s all the updates I have for now. I haven’t been fishing lately because of all the traveling we’ve been doing. But I may go just one more time before the really cold weather hits. Below are some of the pictures from some of the games we went to this year

"Arkansas vs. Mississippi State"

"Arkansas vs. Troy"

"Arkansas vs. Georgia"

"Alabama vs. Florida International"

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