Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Red & White game

The season doesn't start until August, but the Razorbacks had a Spring Scrimmage this weekend, so we tagged along with my dad. However, because of the weather, we weren't sure if they would have to move the practice indoors. This would have been a bummer if it had, because fans aren't allowed inside the Walker pavilion.

On our way to the game. Gas stop.

Raining on the way! It rained almost the whole way up to Fayetteville.

"The Wife" watching her movie, oblivious to anything.

We got to the game about 2 hours before. Driving by Baum stadium... Yep, still thunder storming and raining!

Standing in line for Coach Petrino's autograph, but he ended up not being there and had to get to the lockeroom before the game.

FINALLY, the rain quit and we had blue skys and beautiful weather. Apparently, the Football gods were with us this weekend. It rained almost the whole time, until we got there and the game started and we had awesome weather. Then, on our way back, it started raining again...

It was nice that it wasn't raining and the nice weather came out.

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Sara said...

I like all your pictures! Thanks for reading my blog, too, Brandon... that's a real past time we share!